We are a small, intimate ministry based out of the East Contra Costa County city known as Antioch.  We are dedicated to our lord and savior, Jesus Christ, and each other

Dedicated to Christ

Everything we do, we do through and with Jesus Christ along our side and heart.  We are committed in our journey to worship and lift his name through each and every day

Join our flock

We invite you to come to be a part of our church family, a place where your whole family can learn the word of God and practical application for your everyday life.

Bilingual Services

About Us and What We Value


We believe God has called us to teach His word as an instrument of restoration and healing for the families in our community.

We, as a church are committed to create an environment that builds healthy individuals and strong families.



We're dedicated to improving the community through the word of God and his message.  Working alongside eachother, we work to improve ourselves and those struggling with addictions, specifically Narcotics.  Through God and Jesus Christ, we are called upon to help those in need.