Our Approach

Using the word of God and the power of Christ, we work as an army of 300; together, our small ministry is dedicated to making big, positive, God based changes, in the lives of our group and community.  We're dedicated to bettering the families of our community.

Our Story

Starting as a bible study group of 5 in a living room in August 2018, we shortly felt the need to reach out to more people and our community.  As God would lead us, we found a place of our own in Antioch where we could all meet and grow together.  Offering weekly worship services, bible study, monthly game or movie nights for children and families, and NA meetings, we continue to reach out to our community.


Together our leadership team works tirelessly for our ministry by focusing on growth, outreach, and community involvement.  Each member of our team has overcome some life obstacles - whether it be drugs, alcohol, addiction, mental illness, and the gang lifestyle, these tribulations have led each of them to their relationship with God and their commitment to help others in their community who may be struggling with similar issues.

sandro and marjori


Lead Pastor and Administration

Rased in Marin County, Sandro was called to be a pastor at the age of 23 but drifted away from the church, developing an addiction to alcohol.  At 34, he met his future wife Marjori, which inspired him to get clean and sober, and eventually marry.  After 3 years of marriage, God told Sandro to move his family and lead a faith based ministry in the city of Antioch.  Bravely and led by God, the family packed up their life in Fremont and moved to Antioch where they have been dedicated to God and their community.

Born and raised in Peru, Marjori moved to California at the age of 20.  Stuggling with the big move, she began feeling depressed.  Shortly soon after, she met Sandro who was also at a low point in his life.  Together and with God, they worked through their struggles and overcame their hardships.  Marjori now is a mother, wife, realtor, and avid leader RR Ministries.

gabriel and mary

Gabriel and Mary Makinano

Counselor and Worship Leader

While growing up locally, Gabriel found himself often in trouble with the law and making poor choices - selling drugs, selling guns - and found himself in jail one too many times. That that jail stint really changed his life for the better; exhausted with his lifestyle, he turned to God for guidance and help on how to turn it around. When released from prison, he immediately began looking for a church to join and found one here in Antioch, that helped him grow his relationship with God and God became the center of his daily life - this was instrumental in Gabriel turning his back on his old life and embracing God. Gabriel now finds himself involved in many community groups such as Cease Fire (Antioch), Community Partnerships, Intervention for Families and Health Right 360 where he is employed, working with the homeless population and people coming out of incarceration.

Mary also has suffered from addiction, and now shares her testimony as a worship leader.  Mary finds her strength in God and her past struggles.  She is also often invited to share her story at other churches and local gatherings.  Mary is blessed with a beautiful voice, heavily involved in the children's ministry, and is always available to help in any way for her church and congregation.

luis and noelia

Luis and Noelia Gonzalez


Luis found himself embattled in drugs and gang life at the young age of 14.  After many set backs, half way houses, and nearly 20 years later, Luis called upon God to cure him of this disease and lifestyle.  In 2019, Luis is proudly 1 year sober and has previous experience serving as a host for NA support groups.

"Behind every good man is a great woman," and Noelia is just that to Luis.

Next Steps...

Join us for service to really get to know what we're about, what we're preaching, and how we can help you and your family incorporate God into your lives on a day-to-day basis